Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Silly humans with your weekends and holidays.

Just for the hell of it - mostly - I applied for an Apple Instant Loan, which is backed by MBNA, with whom I've always felt I had a good relationship. I asked for a $4k line. (The machine I'm wanting is going to run $4300)

They came back with $3500 and 23.99% APR. I declined. There is, unfortunately, no "Decline with derisive laughter" button.

Then I called MBNA to see if they'd bump up the limit on my card, which would have the same effect (and only 9.97%). The appropriate department is, of course, closed. Stupid holidays.

I actually have /almost/ enough space on the card to buy the thing, and could clear up enough space pretty easily. The only reason I've been carrying the balance there is 'cause I was focusing on paying off the joint debts first. However, I worked out - in my little spreadsheet I'm using to track the joint debts - that we've got enough on-hand to pay off everything we need to pay off. All that would be left is the gazebo - which we haven't ordered yet so we don't owe anything - and the windows - which are financed for 10 years at about $63/mo, so we can wait and pay them off whenever we want.
Tags: computers, consumer whore, house, money, more money than sense
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