Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 15 January

From my Twitter stream:
thu 06:57amSo, this is when I unfriend everybody at PopCap on ok and Twitter, right? Or do they unfriend me? I forget how this works. ::)
thu 06:58amAlso: fuck waking up at 6:30 when I have no job. Also also, fuck autocorrect turning fuck into 'rich' and 'duck'.
thu 06:59amGrr! Previous 'ok' was 'LJ'... Need to beat dictionary into submission.
thu 07:20am@pinguerin I usually say okc. And they don't really do 'friends' anymore, do they?
thu 07:27am@sheridanzig thanks. I was gonna leave sooner it later, but was planning on 'later' and my own volition. ::)
thu 07:29amHave I really /still/ forgotten to post my resume here? Idiot. Here y'all go:
thu 08:44amMaking pancakes again. Screwed up first round again. Different way this time
thu 10:02am@jani_s I thought I was supposed to hate them all now. Did I get an old version of the manual?
thu 10:03am@joeytrimmer to unfriend you? You can't really stop me.... Can you? (is now afraid)
thu 10:32am@jani_s why does no one tell me these things ahead of time?!?
thu 01:52pmChanging all my open amazon orders to ship to nerdvana. why are my 1click addresses tied to my bank account, but I can't with edited ones?

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