Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 14 January

From my Twitter stream:
wed 09:50amDunno what'tis, but glasses and quickly-knotted hair with a pen in it really works for me.
wed 09:59am@twitterMaize also good, but less librarian-tasting.
wed 10:44amJust got fired.
wed 11:21amplan: post to lj, send emails, drive in, pack cube into boxes, lunch.
wed 11:21ammeet me for lunch. 5pt or hurricane?
wed 11:26amthinking lunch will probably be 1230, 1ish.
wed 11:27am@jani_s: send details. martian at midgard org
wed 11:28amSneaking up on freaking-out phase of the day's festivities. have emails amazonians, emailed lawyer (no need for nda review)
wed 11:31amFinding myself glad I never put popcap stickers on my personal laptop. tho, I almost put amzn ones on, so.
wed 11:31am@dreamingcrow: yes. if you know me, if you can read this, you're invited to lunch with me.
wed 11:32amthat's /or/ if you can read this.
wed 11:38am@HollyQueen: nobody responded to that question. was seeking opinions.
wed 11:39amlooks like we've chosen hurricane
wed 11:40amso, hurricane with marty,. its 1140, let's say 1245-1sh
wed 12:32pmGoing to hurricane now
wed 03:25pmApplying for UI.
wed 03:45pmApplication complete.
wed 03:46pm@woot: ack. too wide for my 1024x600 laptop.
wed 04:44pmWhy hasn't Twitter found me a new job yet? I thought that was the point of this social networking thing.
wed 08:17pm@milesobrien Says 99.8 now. To my 91, which seems high.

Tags: autopost, twitter
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