Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 09 January

From my Twitter stream:
fri 08:16amBegining to wonder if the problems i've been having with Air apps might be the fault of metacity.
fri 08:20am@smmehadi: mostly related to windows not retaining position, jumping around, tiny little notification windows poppin up maximized, etc
fri 02:10pmFeeling unmotivated and mildly depressy. Not conducive to getting work done.
fri 02:11pmAlso, no good idea how to solve the problem I'm supposed to work on next.
fri 06:22pmlazytwitter: I'm running Ubuntu Hardy and can't upgrade. I have 7gb of free disk space and 1gb of ram. Recommend me a new window manager.
fri 06:23pminstalling kubuntu-desktop or xubuntup-desktop would soak up most of remaining disk. metacity is suspect for AIR related problems.
fri 07:24pmAltair seems to be ignoring my choice of WM.
fri 07:33pmAh, there we go. Now to find one I like.
fri 08:49pm@DanielleMORRILL: you get an answer to that, share. I wanna know too. ::)

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