Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 05 January to 06 January

From my Twitter stream:
mon 11:17pm@rohit_kewlani: window management problems mainly. doesn't stay where it's put, disappears randomly when dragged. things like that.
mon 11:19pmTweetdeck interface very annoying to me. twhirl looking good so far.
mon 11:22pmtwhirl needs resizable input area, hotkey show/hide, and an option to get rid of the close button I keep hitting by mistake.
mon 11:22pmwill try it for a while and see how it goes.
mon 11:23pmtangentially: what's the easiest/best way to /remove/ an air app under linux? apt-get remove, or is there an easier way?
mon 11:29pmand unrelatedly, i hope twitter oauth plus qik comes quickly. don't feel comfy giving them my twitter pw.
mon 11:39pmI should note for those following my air/client/etc woes.. all this is for Altair, my dell mini 9 running ubuntu hardy on a 1024x600 screen.
mon 11:39pmbedtime now. tomorrow, i go to the dentist.
tue 08:50amHm. Backup on i5 ramp from bridge. that's the route i'm taking today. good thing i don't need to leave for another 25 minutes or so
tue 09:13amVery heavy fog and wind chez Nerdvana.
tue 09:57am@westseattleblog hey now. One doesn't have to be 40 to want ecotopia.
tue 10:01am@westseattleblog tho to be honest, at this point i'm hoping for Canadian annexation.
tue 10:01amAt dentist. He's still speaking to me.
tue 11:28amDone with dentist. Quick stop for alergist blood work, then to work. Resist temptation to stop for lunch; will have soup.
tue 01:14pmHeadache holding steady at 'distracting but not debilitating'. left side of face at about 30% sensation.
tue 01:20pm@jfew: a darker scheme would be nice, but twitterfon's been the best i've used so far. very happy with it. and no ads!
tue 01:25pmneed to get a charger for altair to keep at work. shutting down, bbye.
tue 03:43pm@DrPaulVecchio: Heh. I should be clear: We're still on speaking terms after he attended my NYE party. ::)
tue 08:34pmdownloading 2.2 firmware for my new iphone 3g. whee.
tue 08:37pmhaving an at&t sim laying around is turning out to be handy.

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