Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 05 January

From my Twitter stream:
mon 08:14amTime to power up the server room.
mon 08:29am@tommusic at least with their cars.
mon 08:30amOk, servers are all on.
mon 08:36amTrash truck sighted.
mon 08:36amI feel a need for pancakes and sausage this morning.
mon 08:48amTotally screwed up the first pancake. I suck.
mon 08:57am1 of 3 done right. 2nd turned out ok, but not perfect.
mon 10:23amHello, to all the seemingly-random people who've started following me of late. How's it going?
mon 10:23am@westseattleblog: ew. I'd almost rather have the snow.
mon 10:40amI've seen some boring meetings before, but this one is impressively boring.
mon 10:40am*turns the ipod back on*
mon 11:27am@joeytrimmer: I just archived all my old read stuff and got my inbox down to 161 items. the oldest from Halloween 2007.
mon 11:38am@joeytrimmer: yeah, well. there are people with really REALLY huge mailboxes taking up all the space. I won't name names.
mon 12:56pm100 n42 neodymium magnets, 1/16" cubes. So cute!
mon 02:53pm@PopCap_Aoife: it was still tasty tho.
mon 03:44pm@FallenPegasus: They're saying beta this month
mon 05:04pmAdobe AIR for linux == kinda sucky thus far.
mon 09:16pmOk. Uninstalled AIR and reinstalled from newly downloaded 1.5. Minitask works now. Spaz is still flaky.
mon 09:17pmStill looking for a linux twitter client I like. I want something that acts just like twitterific does, damnit.
mon 09:17pmSpaz is the closest I've tried, but the window jumps around, disappears when I try to drag, crap like that. it's not very usable.

Tags: autopost, twitter
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