Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 03 January

From my Twitter stream:
sat 01:44am@arjache I checked L's and it was out too. She figured switch maint. Dunno when it came back, was playing Fallout.
sat 03:22pmWhy does the paypal sandbox stop sending the back-end notify calls every once in a while? and usually when I specifically need to test it?
sat 04:28pmOh DAMNIT. Wrong hostname in my testing. No wonder.
sat 05:49pmtrying to make pretty receipt pages.
sat 06:08pmOk. order display is done, until someone tells me it needs more. printing ditto (yay stylesheet media settings). Now... more validation? ugh
sat 06:33pm@sistawendy: con registrations
sat 08:13pm@gabrielcain: likely not gonna make it. say hi for me.
sat 08:49pmNo salad for me. Out of dressing error.

Tags: autopost, twitter
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