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Twitter posts from 23 December

From my Twitter stream:
tue 07:48amLooks like work is closed again today. Doctor's office better damned well be open.
tue 07:50amCalled. Automated system says they're open.
tue 09:22amAt Minor and James. James is not well cleared, but snow closure signs being ignored. Will take alt route home.
tue 09:23am35th had jerks passing bus in inappropriare places. Bridge and I5 were fine.
tue 09:28amFrom here
tue 09:35amI like the alergist's nurse. She's funny.
tue 09:36am@westseattleblog I'm just glad to know what it stands for finally.
tue 10:07amExam gown of the now (no pic)
tue 10:14amSo, we're going to do the alergen tests despite likely being pointless. Then we can discuss additional antihistamines, or cyclosporin.
tue 10:16am@sdotsnow if they scrape James from broadway to i5 before noon, I'll love you forever.
tue 10:21amStabby testing of now
tue 10:26amItchy. Lay flat on stomach, 15min. Kathy nice but stabby. Oh, hey more itchy.
tue 10:27am@wsdot seconded. We love you guys.
tue 11:04amNo alergies, as we thought. Waiting for blood draw to check for autoimmune antibodies. Scrip for additional drugs.
tue 12:08pmIdiot sheriff thinks he's in turn lane, blocks traffic. Grr. 4th and royal-b.
tue 02:49pmForgot sedative effect of H1 blockers. 12d w/o doxepin, then two at once = body trying to nap.
tue 04:09pmI think I might take a nap.
tue 07:51pmAwake from nap. Dinner is being made.
tue 09:50pm@xopherg broken, of course

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