Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 22 December

From my Twitter stream:
mon 08:29am@wsdot Dude, snow plows on demand would be awesome. Probably lucrative. Good bye budget shortfall!
mon 09:32amDrip drip drip
mon 10:00am@westseattleblog we'll be heading there too later this morning. Will let you know.
mon 02:36pmLead-moulded ice from the laurel hedges out front.
mon 02:36pmLeaf, rather
mon 06:00pmI have 6.5 screens of apps on my iphone. I no longer manage them by dragging them around. I use a ruby script that rewrites the plist file.
mon 06:45pm@scottru sent!
mon 08:15pmIcecicles of the now
mon 08:41pmBought an assortment of hot chocolates at costco. Very yum. Verier yum with baileys.
mon 08:47pm@MH_Bonham Would it help if I sent snarky letters listing the email lists I'm not on?
mon 09:08pm@MH_Bonham I can do that for you. I'll need a list of all your lists first tho. ::)
mon 09:29pm@MH_Bonham ok, you win!

Tags: autopost, twitter
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