Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

The T1 line is nice. But it's only 1.5mbps theoretic, and a decent chunk of that is taken up by the traffic for Sightseer. Netflix streaming won't give me more than 2/4 quality rating, and tends to drop down to 1/4 (which looks like total shit) partway through. I've been thinking it'd be really nice to have a fast downpipe for normal browsing and media streaming.
Unfortunately, we're at the far end of DSL range here at Nerdvana. The 768/384 we had was the best we could possibly get. They had to put two amps/filters/whatever inline to get the T1 line here, and they don't do that sorta thing with DSLs.
So, I'm thinking Comcast. No cable service, no phone service, so they'll charge abuot 25% extra, but I can get a 30mpbs downpipe for less than $100/mo. The income from Sightseer is paying for the T1 line now, and has enough left over to pay for the cable too.

I just really don't want to do business with Comcast. But there don't seem to be many other options. Anybody know of any? I'm wanting at least 10mbps, preferably as many as possible. $100/mo is my hard limit, and $75 or under would be preferable.

Also: wow. Almost double the unique visitors yesterday, and 5x as many page hits, when we made I really wish I'd noticed beforehand; I'd've put up a welcome message on the front page.
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