Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 21 December

From my Twitter stream:
sun 09:42am@westseattleblog: info request: driving status of 35th btwn Hudson/Avalon. Open status of Chelan Cafe.
sun 09:43amThe snow of my back deck seems to have a 1/16" layer of ice on top. Better than ok bottom.
sun 09:45am@drakemonger the movie.
sun 09:45am@arjache I don't know how to turn people into ducks anyway.
sun 10:19am@TFabris: if you don't know their username, search. Then just go to and click follow
sun 10:20am@TFabris if you're using an iPhone client, it'll vary. Many let you click thru other peoples posts to referenced people.
sun 10:35am@westseattleblog awesome, thanks!
sun 10:54amHeading out to chelan.
sun 11:23am@westseattleblog yeah, got qwest $.75 auto retry msg first time, but they're running normal hours today.
sun 11:26am@westseattleblog from the front door
sun 11:31amVery light snow off and on at Chelan.
sun 12:03pmSnowing for reals on 1st ave s. Heading to westlake.
sun 06:52pmAt Luna park for dinner. Roads full of stupid and a few stranded. Shoulda bought some tow chains to pull em out with.
sun 07:47pmBack home.
sun 08:12pmWatching Simpsons rerun. then bed, I think. Hives have been very mild all day except for a swollen lip, but they're getting bad again.
sun 08:25pm@wsdot: y'all should put up a page where we can see all of you.
sun 08:33pmUgh. Itching starting to get bad. Going to bed. Only one more day of suffering.
sun 08:49pm@nastrus I've invited neither @wsdot nor @westseattleblog to the party. Yet. Wsdot's in Olympia anyway.
sun 08:54pm@nastrus: also, wouldn't it be creepy being invited to a party by a random stranger who only knows you thru Twitter? I'd certainly think so.
sun 08:55pmSomebody remind me to post a poll about that tomorrow.

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