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Shared Posts from 07 December to 18 December

Items shared from Google Reader:
Quotes of the Day - John F. Kennedy - "Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names."
Indexed - From the weather to your kid's IQ. - <p><a href="" rel="lightbox[11626]"><img title="card1970" src="" alt="" width="377" height="230">[...]
Shoebox - Quote of the Day - <p><strong>"You don't need rum to enjoy egg nog. Vodka works fine.<br> You don't really need the egg nog at all."</strong> - Chris C</p>
Indexed - It's just what I wanted! - <p><a href="" rel="lightbox[11616]"><img title="card1966" src="" alt="" width="378" height="230">[...]
Evil Mad Science Auxiliary Pool - How to freeze time - <p><a href="">Pangaia</a> has added a photo to the pool:</p> <p><a href="" title="How to freeze time"><img src="http://farm4.[...]

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