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The new Moshtari is up. It's a dual P3/800 1U box. And, amusingly, the load average is currently about 1/10 what it was on the old box. Go fig.

Important lesson to you all: If you have a little script that's full of a bunch of rsync commands that you used to back up the old machine, and you decide to be lazy and just reverse the arguments to put everything back onto the new box, BUT you've gone thru the /etc backup and are only putting back the specific things that need to be changed.. make sure you take out the --delete option, k? Having to reinstall the box less than three hours after finishing the original install is embarrassing.

In other news, I've had no antihistamines for 19 hours or so. At the moment, I'm not itching too badly, tho it's been pretty bad today, but I've got some major welts all over the place, including an annoying one on the inside of my left wrist. I can only imagine what it's going to be like at 120 hours.
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