Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Install is now running. I can't see the progress bar, as the color of done and not done both come out black in monochrome.
Eventually, I'll move the lcd from the main rack over here, just not today.

In other news, Ballista, the 1kVA UPS, is going haywire. was going to plug the new servers into it, moved it downstairs, plugged it in.. and it beeps and flashes erratically. unplug it, keeps going. press off, keeps going. disconnect the batteries (yay external disconnect), it stops. Fuck. Going to take video of that, then call APC. Later. Not today.

At least one package I have en-route from woot is scheduled for delivery, to work, on the 24th. when the office is closed. meh. guess i'll go in and get it on the 26th. got another arriving then too.

it's kinda chilly down here in the basement. and we have rats again. there's a dead one in the back, here. meh.
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