Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 17 December

From my Twitter stream:
wed 11:54am@westseattleblog: We'll see how long it lasts.
wed 12:09pmWind is getting aggressive up here.
wed 12:21pm@Jamgrrl: applying commutative properties, we could make it much worse by rewriting it at 2 < I < 3.
wed 02:28pmstill need a linux twitter client I'm happy with. livejournal should have a way to view posts by icon. I need a power brick for work laptop.
wed 02:29pmPart of my brain is considering writing a pure-perl standalone mediawiki-compatible wiki.
wed 02:30pmsomething I can keep on a thumbdrive and run on either my linux or mac laptops.
wed 07:56pm@popcap_games: What did you want an explanation of? My answer to the vday question, the funny inequation, or the wiki thing?
wed 07:59pm@wiml: I need the functionality of mediawiki. multiple pages, same markup. Want to edit pages for the work wiki 'offline'.

Tags: autopost, twitter
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