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Slashdot - IEEE Says Multicore is Bad News For Supercomputers - Richard Kelleher writes "It seems the current design of multi-core processors is not good for the design of supercomputers. According to IEEE: 'Engineers at Sandia National Laboratories, in New Mexico, have simulated future high-performance computers[...]
Slashdot - Online Reporters Now the Journalists Most Often Jailed - bckspc writes "The Committee to Protect Journalists today released the results of its annual survey of journalists in prison. For the first time, they found more Internet journalists jailed worldwide than journalists working in any other medium. CPJ [...]
Boing Boing - SmartBolts change color when they're tight enough - Smartbolts have little discs in their heads that change color as the right amount of tension is applied to them. I recently installed a child safety gate with a similar mechanism: a red, spongy washer between the bolt and the frame; once the right am[...]
Boing Boing - Angry bored octopus goes wilding - Otto the Octopus, a resident of Sea Star Aquarium in Coburg, Germany, is bored because the aquarium's closed for the winter -- so he's making mischief. First he squirted an overhead light until it shorted out, and now he's taken to juggling the hermi[...]
Seattlest - New Place To Hide On Game Traffic Days - Why not hunker down at the new strip club that officials just okayed to be erected (hah) next to Safeco Field while you wait for the game traffic to die down? How many times have you been driving home from work (for the purposes of this article all o[...]
Slashdot - Next G> President Wants To "Regulate the Internet" - antispam_ben writes "The President of Italy, which will have the Presidency of the G> starting January 1, says he wants to use the future position of Italy to 'Regulate the Internet.' Italy's President Berlusconi appears to be a cantankerous [...]
Ironic Sans - Auto Industry FAIL - [Update: I had originally made this image available on shirts, but concern was expressed over whether or not selling such merchandise violates Ford's trademark, even though the image is clearly a parody. Until the issue is resolved, I am posting the [...]
Shoebox - Brian's Brain -
Boing Boing - 1957 letter for "designated key personnel" to escape mass destruction - John Ptak, dealer in rare science books says: This letter, written in 1957 by Colonel Leslie S. Moore of the U.S. Biological Weapons Program at Fort Detrick, Maryland, to a member (whose name I've removed) of the A.S. "(Atmospheric Sciences") divi[...]
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - iRingPro offers "professional" ringtones - Shared by Marty I understand why they don't offer previews of all of them. But I didn't love any of the four you could listen to enough to be willing to pay $10. I can generate such things myself, after all. Still, cool idea. Filed under: Multimed[...]
Amazon Kindle, Books, Kindle 2.0 - Amazon Kindle Review - 1> Kindles at NCSU Libraries - What an Idea - There's an article about the use of Kindles at NCSU Libraries at the NCSU Physical and Engineering Sciences Blog - what a cool idea. In May 200>, NCSU Libraries started letting users borrow Kindles and request for new titles to be downloaded[...]
Amazon Daily - preventing the hijacking of a reincarnation - Dalai Lama may appoint a regent to succeed him (Times Online) The Dalai Lama, Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, is considering appointing a regent to lead the Tibetan movement after his death until his reincarnation is old enough to take over. The [...] Gold Box Deals - FlyJumpers Power Jumping Stilts Savings - Jog faster than an Olympic Sprinter and do 3<0-degree flips with ease when you wear a pair of FlyJumpers Power Jumping Stilts. FlyJumpers strap to your legs and consist of two curved strips of metal with integrated super-charged springs that can p[...]

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