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Boing Boing - Where's Sock Puppet's Bailout? -'s Sock Puppet asks Congress: "Why are you talking about bailing out the auto companies when you let all us tech companies just crash and burn?" (Instead of giving taxpayer's money directly to the automakers, why not pass a law requiring eve[...]
Boing Boing - Bizarre absence of acorns in parts of the United States - In some parts of the US, there's been reports that trees aren't bearing acorns this year. "We're talking zero. Not a single acorn. It's really bizarre," said Greg Zell, a naturalist at Long Branch Nature Center in Arlington. Then calls started comin[...]
Boing Boing - Vietnam's amazing phone-unlockers - Over on Boing Boing Gadgets, our John links to a fantastic Crave piece about master Vietnamese phone-unlockers, virtuosos of desoldering who manage the painstaking business of unlocking your iPhone so that you can choose which network you run it on. [...]
Flickr Blog - Iron Man, before and after - "Iron Man was released a few weeks later. I never got 'round to seeing it in the cinema; I'm not a big fan of the whole cinema-going experience. But some time later I was travelling across the Atlantic yet again and one of the in-flight movie options[...]
Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger? - Oldest Ever Lolcat Found *gasp* (Iz From Teh 1905) - What's Delaying My Dinner? This captioned cat picture postcard was found by Tracy Angulo in a Seattle antique store. Tracy tells us that the photograph is from 1905, which would make this officially the oldest cat picture with a caption, AKA lolcat,[...]
SPDBlotter.Seattle.Gov - SPD seeks homicide suspect - The Seattle Police Homicide Unit is seeking the public's assistance in locating the suspect wanted in a homicide that occurred on November 30th.  The suspect is Jose Angel Blanco, AKA Jose A. Blanco-Naranjo.  He is 39 years old, descri[...]
CHS Capitol Hill Seattle - A train every 3.5 minutes on Capitol Hill - We recently posted about the possiblity that Broadway will have a streetcar by 2012. When Scott from Central District News shared the scoop with us, he also included some interesting thoughts about the future of transit on Capitol Hill. Not long afte[...]

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