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Shared Posts from 11 November to 17 November

Items shared from Google Reader:
Slashdot - Digital Photos Give Away a Camera's Make and Model - holy_calamity writes "Engineers at Polytechnic University Brooklyn have discovered that digital snaps shorn of any metadata still reveal the make and model of camera used to take them. It is possible to work backwards from the relationships of neighb[...]
MAKE Magazine - Cutlist generator - Here's an older computer program I hadn't seen until today: Cutlist Generator figures out how to make most efficient use of your wood based on the measurements of your pieces. Windows only, but it's free! I can't imagine it would be that hard to port[...]
Evil Mad Science Auxiliary Pool - Homebrew projector - The KronoNaut has added a photo to the pool: $7.00: old overhead from Goodwill. $9.00: old lcd monitor with bad back light from ebay. $0.00: tinkering with the focus and display until I get it right. --- Priceless: Watching movies on a 100+ inch[...]
Slashdot - Feds Can Locate Cell Phones Without Telcos - schwit1 sends along an Ars Technica report covering the release of documents obtained under the FOIA suggesting that the Justice Department may have been evading privacy laws in their use of "triggerfish" technology. Triggerfish are cell-tower spoofi[...]
Boing Boing - The TSA Does Not Like Your Luggage - A set of carrying cases molded with a gun, an axe, or a knife, designed by PinkWolf, and I can't read French well enough to figure out anything else about these slick, screw-you-TSA suitcases. (Via NOTCOUTURE.)
Boing Boing - Man's house blows up, companies responsible won't help - Ian Silvestein's house was destroyed three years when the Buncefield Depot in England blew up. The companies that operated the depot -- Total and Chevron -- won't help him. Literally, nothing has been done to help him with his situation -- or anybod[...]

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