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Shoebox - Inappropriate Answers To "How Are You?" - * "So very alone." * "Good. Real good thanks to your mom." * "I don't have to answer that. You're not my probation officer." * "Fair to partly none-of-your-damn-business." * "Well, the itching has stopped." * "Chewy." * "On fire. But just my [...]
MAKE Magazine - TriGears - 3D printed puzzle co-created by BitTorrent inventor - TriGears by Oskar van Deventer, and Bram Cohen via Jorn... TriGears is a special puzzle. There are three gears set so that turning one gear turns the other two. If the three gears were in a flat plane they would, of course, jam. Oskar had the gears [...]
MAKE Magazine - MADE ON EARTH: Strike Anywhere - Photograph by Noah Weinstein Teen firebug Billy Gordon knew what to do when he saw matches on sale at the supermarket. Buy 20,000 of them. And when he got them home? Use them to build one gigantic, strike-anywhere match. He measured an ordinary 2&f[...]
MAKE Magazine - PIC-based laser light show - This is a really cool laser light show that can display vector images via two high-speed galvo scanners. This isn't a simple DIY project, but there is a lot of information and source code available to help you get started. More about PIC-based laser[...]
MAKE Magazine - Typeface.js - embedded HTML fonts sans Flash - It's always struck me that font embedding is a huge omission from the web standards toolkit. If you're not satisfied with Georgia and Verdana, you usually need to turn to images or Flash to get the typeface you want. Tools like sIFR have made this a[...]
Hack a Day - Company shutdown causes 2/3rds drop in all spam - The Washington Post is reporting that the shutdown of one hosting company has caused the total volume of spam to drop by 2/3rds. The company in question is McColo Corp. Both Hurricane Electric and Global Crossing pulled the plug today after a damning[...]
Coolbuzz - Moon dust and space shuttle on your wrist - You might have noticed luxury diamond studded wrist-watches that might be worth clicking, but what if you get a watch made from moon dust? Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome claims to have made watches from moon dust, parts of the Apollo 11 rocket and bi[...] - Radiator Mug - This might just seem like a design indulgence at first but when you think about the amount of cup sleeves we go through because our beverages are too hot it becomes an environmentally friendly innovation. What if all cups were designed this way? Some[...]
Inhabitat - Boskke's Upside-Down Sky Planters Save Water and Space - At first glance Patrick Morris' Sky Planter is deceptively simple, consisting of a hanging potted houseplant turned upside down. But upon closer inspection we can see that Morris didn't stop there. The Sky Planter actually uses a ground-breaking inte[...]
TechCrunch - GirlInYourShirt: $75 Buys Your Startup Marketing For A Day - I imagine more than a few startups will take Jenaé up on her offer to wear your startup shirt and talk about your company for a day. It's $75, and she posts videos on her site, YouTube, Seesmic and Viddler, posts pictures on Flickr and tweets [...]
Boing Boing - Legendary Harvard law prof fights constitutionality of RIAA lawsuits - The formidable Charlie Nesson, founder of Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society and all-round good-guy law-prof, has taken up the defense of a Boston University student who's been sued for file-sharing. Nesson is arguing against the const[...]
Boing Boing - Halliburton tries to patent patent trolling itself - Halliburton -- Dick Cheney's old company -- has branched out from defrauding the US military and has opened a new front: attacking American inventors by subverting the patent system. The company has filed for a patent on "patent acquisition and asser[...]
Boing Boing - Ban on phone hacking means that cops don't know what bad guys can do - India's prohibition on researching phone-hacking means that only terrorists and crooks get to know how this stuff works, while the cops sit around scratching their asses, muttering, "How'd they do that?" Police had no idea that one SIM card could be[...]

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