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Coolbuzz - Wagon Wheel Hummer - Is that cool? - I'm confused! Would you call this weird or cool? However, I wouldn't do a thing like this to my Hummer. Well, Matthew Harrison has a different mindset I guess. Adding wagon wheels to Hummer H3 will make people laugh their guts out. Maybe, it's true t[...]
Furniture, Interior Design, Architecture, Decor and Home & House Design - Robotic Sunlight Seeking Plant Pot Holder - Plants add a warm touch to any home. However, in order for them to thrive, most plants do need a fair amount of sunshine. This robotic plant pot holder will help keep the plant happy by moving with the plant as the sunlight from the window shifts as [...]
Furniture, Interior Design, Architecture, Decor and Home & House Design - Minimalist Bathroom Interior Design by Agapedesign - If you wanted an example of a great minimalist bathroom interior design here is something from Agapedesign. The continuity and balance between the areas are key features in this beautiful white design where the sink basin and a drainboard, positively[...] - Liquid Smoking - When you drink socially often, it inevitably has happened that one of your smoker friends has tapped his cigarette ashes into an empty bottle and left it for some innocent to grab and take a swig. It's always amusing for bystanders. But for the victi[...]
The Red Ferret Journal - gadgets, cool sites, freeware and tech trivia - Sperian Anti-Mine Boots - the ultimate kickwear for dubious parties - These Sperian Anti-Mine Boots are NOT going to win you any fashionista points down on your local dance floor, but when you're talking about Kevlar soled, armour plated shoewear that might just save your legs in an explosion, you're probably not that [...]
The UberReview - Tracked Hummer Gives the Finger to the Environment and Economy - A tracked Hummer H2 is certainly not something that you see every day (and we can probably be thankful for that), but as long as it isn't being hocked on eBay we can feel happy that this recession has not taken everyone down. [Jalopnik via Ubergizmo][...]
The UberReview - Newly Discovered Fungus Breathes Biodiesel - Gliocladium roseum is a microbe that "breathes diesel fuel" and could help us produce the next generation of biofuels. This reddish colored fungus was found on the inside of a tree, somewhere in the northern Patagonian rainforests. The exact location[...]
/\ndy - Always an exception... - For every rule, no matter how iron-clad it may seem, there's always an exception. Here's an odd one that just came up, from a friend of a friend. This is an era of Heightened Security and tightened border crossings. You must have your passport, yo[...]
Seattlest - Not that You Shouldn't Change Your Fucking Light Bulbs - Hat tip to Sightline's Clark Williams-Derry, who jumped on this Obama quote he found in Newsweek about the need for collective action on global warming--all over the U.S., we imagine, there's barely concealed public policy joy about having voted in a[...]
From themartian's contacts - Yes we can bake pie! - shiny red type posted a photo: I saw this on the Craft magazine blog yesterday and couldn't resist making my own. Change we can eat!
Quotes of the Day - R. Buckminster Fuller - "Everything you've learned in school as "obvious" becomes less and less obvious as you begin to study the universe. For example, there are no solids in the universe. There's not even a suggestion of a solid. There are no absolute continuums. There ar[...]

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