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Boing Boing - - Still wrapping my head around this, but it sure is interesting at first glance -- in part because of the speed in which it was launched. is a website launched by the Obama team's Presidential Transition Project which documents the transiti[...]
Slashdot - Nationwide Domain Name/Yard Sign Conspiracy - robertjmoore writes "Everywhere I go lately, I see these lawn signs that say "Single?" and then give a URL with my town's name in it. Being a huge business intelligence geek with too much time on my hands, I decided to track down who was behind them [...]
(title unknown) - Gitso - Single Click Remote Support for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows - Insanely. Awesome. At last, an open source, cross-platform, one-click remote support solution! Thanks to Aaron, Derek, and Nick over at Viva La Open Source!, you no longer need to follow lengthy instructions, pay exorbitant fees for customization, or[...]
DoxPara Research - No School Like The Old School - I really need to learn to leave DNS alone DNS TXT Record Parsing Bug in LibSPF2 A relatively common bug parsing TXT records delivered over DNS, dating at least back to 2002 in Sendmail 8.2.0 and almost certainly much earlier, has been found in LibS[...]

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