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Had a team staff mtg today. That was ok.
Had a content migration scheduling meeting today. That was ok.
Toured the datacenter today. That was cool. No, I won't post pics. We're not allowed to take pictures without written permission, so OF COURSE I TOOK NO PICTURES WHATSOEVER. If I /had/, you'd have to ask me via email or something, and of course wait until I offload them from the phone. But, no pictures were taken, by me or anyone else.
Walked back from downtown. Pant Pant Gasp OW. I make an artform of being out of shape. I am not proud of this, but there you are.

I forgot all about Air America. Damnit. And they ARE streaming. Using Real, which I don't have installed at work (last time I tried to install it, it got stuck in some kind of loop, trying to finish its install every time I rebooted). Le sigh. Either way, I missed the premier of the O'Franken Factor. Waa!

Tomorrow, I will try again with Real.
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