Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 04 November

From my Twitter stream:
tue 08:57am@employeeze: it's a choice between "meh, you suck" and "ZOMG, YOU'RE EVIL", afaiac.
tue 09:07amheading to work.
tue 09:31am@tommusic yeah...
tue 09:34am@westseattleblog I just drove under you!
tue 10:45amFor no good reason at all I'm running a vmware machine off a microsd card. BECAUSE I CAN.
tue 08:30pmrewinding CNN to watch mccain's concession.
tue 08:48pmTwinkle can't seem to post for me.
tue 08:48pmMan, I wish I was in chicago tonight. Or even just at a party. I feel the urge to hug strangers.
tue 09:04pmWoot! Burner seems to have an even better margin than obama!
tue 09:04pmWOO! New puppy for winning the election!
tue 09:21pm
tue 09:45pmI need to learn to wear contacts.
tue 09:54pmGo Team Franken! You can do it!
tue 09:55pm@joeytrimmer: we need a less drunken shot please. Are the streets filling with screaming people?

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