Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 02 November to 03 November

From my Twitter stream:
sun 08:43pmAwesome. Fring won't send my password via sms, and throws an error when I ask for it sent by email. Fine, screw you, Fring.
sun 08:45pmTangentially, I wish AI Disk did uploads. Maybe some day it'll be worth $8.
sun 09:56pm@julzerator: come over and play more often!
sun 10:15pmSlightly annoyed that pageonce has ING Direct .ca but not .com
mon 04:34pmFire at the office. Smells electrical, coming from hvac. Alarm, evac, etc. Packed up and walked to L's office.
mon 04:37pmSee @nastrus for foto
mon 04:39pm@jani_s maybe someone discovered the secret "make computer explode" level in Twist
mon 07:12pmI seem to be having some kind of stress reaction. Like a mini panic attack. Odd thing is, I'm at red robin and can identify no triggers.
mon 09:08pmLooks like Tycho did the same thing as me wrt Fallout3

Tags: autopost, twitter
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