Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 25 October to 27 October

From my Twitter stream:
sat 10:54amgot to sleep after 1am. woke up at 9, for work stuff. work stuff delayed until afternoon. sleepy.
sat 01:04pmgoing back on doxepin = sleeeeeeeeeepy.
sat 01:05pm@employeeze: I do. but last minute demands have several people working today for monday's launch. ::/
mon 11:45amoh, bother. Do I give Darcy more money?
mon 01:36pmsite is down. i'm going off twitter for a while to avoid distraction.
mon 02:04pmOn Twitter from fone. internal testing in progress. T minus 5.5 hours or so.
mon 05:53pmwaiting for second phase of internal testing, about 40min. then launch an hour later. then, probably, drinking.
mon 05:53pmhurt my hand in reaction to an email.
mon 05:58pmo/~ all the birds are singin' that you're gonna die o/~
mon 06:03pm@dreamingcrow: as it should be.
mon 06:14pm@dreamingcrow: MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
mon 06:30pmo/~ All of my hate cannot be found / I will not be drowned by your thoughtless scheming o/~
mon 06:30pm@dreamingcrow: better?
mon 06:35pm@pinguerin: no, I need to get over my own ego. or.. you know, hit people.
mon 06:35pm@dreamingcrow;
mon 06:35pm@dreamingcrow: Thoughtless, by Korn. tho I like the Evanescence cover better.
mon 07:19pmEstimating T minus 7 minutes.
mon 07:24pmWe're trying to watch the webcast here in the office and it's kinda sucking.
mon 07:24pmAre we really at t-1?
mon 07:30pmLAUNCHED!

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