Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 23 October

From my Twitter stream:
thu 08:47amWaking up. Not feeling great, so working from home. Should eat breakfast soon.
thu 08:49amok, I have to say, the 'hot political topics' on twitter is more informative than the news.
thu 09:23am@nastrus hrm?
thu 09:28am@jani_s: thanks. some day, I expect I shall.
thu 10:03amdoing some more trimming of my follow list. following me back means nothing when you're following thousands of people.
thu 11:23am@spinnerin: don't chew infected gum.
thu 02:03pmSitting in car while L picks up Zippy's for lunch. Ballots are dropped off, checks deposited. Soon, back home for more builds and testing.
thu 02:54pmDonated to Obama. Amusingly, /after/ I've already voted.
thu 03:52pmThis is not your father's Saturday Night Live. Shit, this isn't even /MY/ Saturday Night Live. When did I get old?
thu 04:02pm@pinguerin: ... AND?
thu 04:17pm@pinguerin: well, I meant "what else did he buy you?". Did the DVD not arrive?
thu 05:22pm@pinguerin: yay!
thu 05:23pm@arjache: your post has just caused me to drop $200 thru actblue.
thu 06:46pm@joeytrimmer say hi to everybody
thu 07:22pm@Jenk3 pity we don't all have Twitter. Would make order coordination easier.
thu 07:35pm@Jenk3 "offers"? /I/ never get birthday "offers"...
thu 07:53pmMan, my first dm from a topless 'woman', and the account's deleted before I can compose a good response. Twitter can be TOO fast.
thu 08:06pm@Jenk3 they tried to one-up us by singing happy wedding day. Nice of them to include us in the toast.
thu 09:33pmHome. Had fun, but probably would have been better off if I hadn't gone. Feeling rather worse than I did before. We'll see what sleep does.

Tags: autopost, twitter
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