Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 17 October to 18 October

From my Twitter stream:
fri 11:16pmI find it weird when Genius recommends a song I rated 2star and I find it's something I've come to love since thru other channels.
sat 09:46amAwake. Preparing to go find breakfast and groceries.
sat 11:13amBack with groceries. Hopefully people are actually coming over.
sat 11:28amBreakfast consumed. Dog and daddy are tired. Must resist napping. Should start food prep. Listening to BMG instead.
sat 01:19pmDishwasher running. Table cleared. Prep area ready. Some hand-wash pots to do, but tired again. Starting to wonder if anyone's coming.
sat 02:37pmCarrots prepped. Celery prepped. Onions... *sniffle*... Prepped. Still nobody here.
sat 03:24pmWashed the big aluminum pot. 12qt, biggest we have. Planning to make LOTS of stew.
sat 04:51pmmy hands smell like potato now
sat 07:27pmA total of four separate rouxs later, everything is in two pots.
sat 07:29pmStew-to-be

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