Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

First you make a roux.

Groceries bought this morning, for the stew:

Beef broth - 6qt. I'm a little annoyed to learn that the people who make the lovely organic free range chicken broth do not produce lovely organic free range beef broth. But I bought theirs anyway, 'cause it seems to consist of the fewest things that aren't boiled cow.
Celery - 4.46lbs.
Carrots - 3.06lbs.
Yellow onions - 2.16lbs. These in addition to the exactly 1lb white onion I already had.
Beef stew meat - 5.03lbs
Red potatoes - 5.15lbs.
Yellow potatos - 4.23lbs.

I also got some salad mix and a dozen honeycrisp apples and some random other stuff.

At this point the celery and carrots have been cut and cleaned and run thru the cuisinart (I wasn't going to slice them all by hand, so they're a little thinner than I'd've preferred, but it'll be okay). The onions have been diced (I'm still working on learning Alton's technique, but I did well enough). Most of the potatoes have been skinned, just three or four left, and then eye removal and cutting into chunks.

This morning's prednisone is having its undesired effect, leaving me feeling tired and yucky. Tomorrow is the last dose, tho, so only one more day of spending the middle of the day feeling like crap. But meanwhile, it's making food prep a pain in the ass, as I need to take a break every so often. But, soon it will be time to start the roux.
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