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Twitter posts from 15 October

From my Twitter stream:
wed 07:44pm@joeytrimmer: A term I usually reserve for drivers who cut off entire lanes during rush hour. But, yeah, he deserves it tonight.
wed 07:54pm... Does McCain even understand the concept of 'non-sequitur'?
wed 08:02pmum.. do we have a dependance on venezuelan oil? didn't they stop selling to us already?
wed 08:06pmEvery time I scream on twitter during debates, I get a new spammer following me.
wed 08:06pm@sistawendy: All I know is I can't by my tasty socialist gasoline at 7-11 anymore.
wed 08:19pmdoesn't 'debate' imply paying attention to what the other guy just said?
wed 08:19pmisn't it a little disingenuous to repeat your previous point when it was just rebutted?
wed 08:21pmis mccain counting people on medicare and the uninsured when he calculates this median cost?
wed 08:24pmthe no-litmus-test bullshit is .. bullshit. you'll never get anybody into the presidency who would choose a justice that wildly disagreed.
wed 08:24pmNot outside of The West Wing, or TV in general, at any rate.
wed 08:28pmMcCain is using a sharpie. What's Obama using? I can't see!
wed 08:38pmamerica's youth are a disinterest group.
wed 08:39pmI don't think the DC parents wanted vouchers because they want choice. I think it's 'cause they think their public schools suck. Fix them!
wed 08:40pmMcCain is really good at finding tenuous links to pull the conversation back to his talking points.
wed 08:43pmIt's ok that they've mortgaged my children's future. McCain will buy the mortgage back!
wed 08:44pm@joeytrimmer: I'm watching it on my DVR. Waited until loree got home, and I finished the movie I was watching. I'm just to the closing bits.
wed 08:45pmDamn. DVR cut off in the middle of obama's closing remarks. Ah well.
wed 08:47pmThe frozen image of Obama looks like he's meditating. "Ooooooommmmbama. Oooooooobama... Oooooooooobama"
wed 09:23pm@sistawendy: quite a few. preferably on national television.
wed 09:27pmDiscovery's new show Time Warp - lousy science, awesome video. BlendTec + High Speed HD = AWESOME

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