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Today is my weekend

I worked three days this weekend. I got a call 1030 saturday to deal with a problem, logged in and worked on it until 6 or so. Then I went in to work at 8pm, for the migration. It got delayed. And got delayed. And got delayed. And, in case you're wondering, got delayed. At 4am or so, it was decided we should just go home, since they hadn't gotten to our part. I was driving home at 445. I'm sure you've listened to my long ranty phonepost. ;;) At 815am, my boss calls me. There are Problems. So I log in, and I'm working on that until 4pm or so when I just can't stay awake any longer. I go to bed. I wake up at 645 when loree calls me, and I get up. I finish Voodoo Vince. Loree calls to say she's not bringing dinner, so I go get some. We eat. I go to bed around 9, 930ish. I get up at 9 this morning. I'm not going to work. I check email, I reply to a couple things, I go back to bed. Can't sleep. Start an mp3 of FOTR and snooze. Loree calls. She's getting good at waking me up. I get up, I play some Mechassault, I watch some TV. I feel quite utterly exhausted. Hopefully tonight I will back onto a normal sleep schedule. Whether I go in tomorrow is another matter. I'm not big on giving them more than 40 hours a week, what with that whole "salaried exempt" thing. But, we're still having some issues, and I feel guilty not helping track them down. Le sigh.

In a side note: Why has nobody seen fit to make a MIDI of Snake Pliskin's theme music from Escape from LA, so I can use it as my ringtone?
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