Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 09 October

From my Twitter stream:
thu 10:37amAwesome. My kindle won't wake up. The spinner just spins forever.
thu 10:38amWhere 'forever' == 'not less than 20 minutes before I reboot it and try again'
thu 10:39am@jani_s: not sober, at any rate.
thu 10:40amAh HA. now that I'm in the office and have access to paperclips, hitting the reset button worked.
thu 11:01am@jani_s: Other than today's issues, I love it. I will occasionally buy a book on the kindle that I own in paper, but rarely the other way.
thu 11:46amIrritable and angry today. I think the prednisone is already taking effect. 9mg so far in the past 26 hours.
thu 01:13pmgod I hate this drug.
thu 01:43pm@jkottke: Agreed. The former is bad, but the latter will make it worse.
thu 02:19pm@hollyking: you think that's bad? I've got several pounds of laffy taffy and chewy sweettarts at home. Stupid halloween candy sales.
thu 05:49pm@jani_s: *blink*
thu 08:32pmMmm. Mashed potatoes that I made myself.

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