Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 08 October

From my Twitter stream:
wed 08:55am@jani_s: we clearly do not ride the same bus. Or possibly in the same universe.
wed 12:04pmHello, Popcap-folk! Have fun learning about the intarwebs!
wed 12:10pmBlood sugar testing meters are CHEAP! ... but, the strips aren't. $1 each? Geez.
wed 12:10pmAlso, I apparently need to re-read the instructions for taking a sample from the arm.
wed 12:11pmWhy am I suddenly testing my blood sugar like I'm /supposed/ to be doing /anyway/, you ask? I started Prednisone this morning. 3mg bid.
wed 12:12pmIrony is several boxes of candy sitting on my desk, mocking me.
wed 01:27pmthinking arm draw is no good. bleeds too long. more practice maybe.
wed 02:04pmI find my buying habits odd.
wed 02:11pmI wish pandora for iphone had the 'move to another station' option. Also didn't have the bestbuy ads. ::P
wed 08:24pm@Jenk3: I'd also include the need for chunks.
wed 09:14pm@dianthus: without chunks it's just a soup.

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