Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 07 October

From my Twitter stream:
tue 06:04pmThose stools look too tall, uncomfortable. They both looked better with podiums.
tue 06:05pmWhy don't they give them 15 second opening statements, so they don't have to waste first-question answering time saying thank you?
tue 06:09pmWay to Evade, McC.
tue 06:10pmObama leads with an answer and THEN wanders.
tue 06:12pmBuffett's not a GOOD answer, but it's an answer.
tue 06:13pmRight, NOBODY'S heard of fanny or freddie.
tue 06:19pmAwesome question.
tue 06:19pm@chris200: So's Pbama
tue 06:19pm(... O.)
tue 06:22pmShe asked why BOTH parties failed us, and you're BRAGGING about being bi-partisan?
tue 06:26pmOil money ends up in the hands of terrorists, yeah. So does a chunk of our defense and intelligence budgets, until they're no longer useful.
tue 06:30pm"We'll get to work right away!" .. on cutting your medicare and social security benefits.
tue 06:37pmUm. That's a tax cut.
tue 06:37pmThat's ALSO a tax cut.
tue 06:41pmOooooh, a commission.
tue 06:43pmTom doesn't seem to like 'C'.
tue 06:44pmIf I'm ever in a presidential debate, I want an interrupt-to-yell-"LIAR" clause.
tue 06:54pmNo he won't, he'll GIVE YOU INSURANCE.
tue 06:55pmHe's gone on so far long that the lights turned OFF.
tue 07:13pm@maggim: robe?

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