Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

So far I've identified about $1080 worth of stuff missing. The mitre saw was about $600 after taxes and shipping. The drill press was $200, I think. The appliance dolly was $50ish. My power tools (I should go upstairs and find out if the drill was out there. given both batteries were, it almost certainly was) were about $150 (a $200 set, but it was a customer-return). The chainsaw, currently broken, was taken. I think that was $60? A 'cheap' electric, but cheap doesn't mean what it used to.

And they seem to have taken the sledgehammer. At least, I haven't found it anywhere it's likely to be. It was a cheap fiberglass-handled thing, but it's not in it's usual place and it's not out in the yard deteriorating, so they must have taken it.

And yet, no obviously missing computers, which were heavier, and almost any individual piece of it would have been worth more - at the right store, anyway - than the sledge.

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