Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 02 October to 03 October

From my Twitter stream:
thu 10:00pm@joeytrimmer: Noah's got two of my Mav's that he's painting. I've got two more at home that should get CO2 mods some day.
fri 12:23pmCrap, did I just start an LJ meme?
fri 12:53pm@Jenk3: well, you're the only one on my friends list so far, so maybe not. ::)
fri 01:49pmEmailed my dentist to ask where I should email party invites and whether getting the guard now without #19 crowned is a bad idea.
fri 03:19pm@dreamingcrow: I've been meaning to invite him for a while and kept forgetting to. he's fun!
fri 08:15pmthe turkey+potato stew I wanted to make tonight has WAY too many carrots and celery. but should be tasty
fri 09:10pm@joeytrimmer: that it is
fri 09:12pmStew's about done!
fri 09:24pmOm of the Nom

Tags: autopost, twitter
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