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MAKE Magazine - iPhone accidentally dropped in river, turned into fishing lures. - Captain-ahab writes- Last week I dropped my new iphone 3G in the Farmington River. It's become a very expensive paperweight so tonight I figured I'd get some use out of it. Seeing it was the river that took it from me, it's gonna at least catch me s[...]
The Red Ferret Journal - gadgets, cool sites, freeware and tech trivia - Bathomatic - fill yer bath with your iPhone - The Bathomatic system is a 'fully automated digital bath filler' which you can control from any PDA, phone or remote computer. The full kit includes a regulated water heater which maintains temperature, a fragrance generator and a motorised plug whi[...]
Furniture, Interior Design, Architecture, Decor and Home & House Design - Folding Screen Chairs - Biombo - Daniel Milchtein Peltsverger is a genius. Anyone who lives in a small space will surely appreciate his Biombo folding screen chairs. He has basically invented a novel kind of combination furniture no one has done before. The Biombo can be used as a s[...]
The UberReview - Holy Snakeoil Batman An $1800 Power Cord - The Furutech Powerflux is a power cord with a difference and that difference is it costs a whole truckload of money - $1800 in fact. What do you get for all that coin? Furutech will tell you after the jump: Powerflux conductors are 68-strand ? (Alph[...]
Bad Astronomy - Shorter creationism - Pithy quote on creationism: … Imagine how foolish you would feel if a thousand car mechanics tell you that you need to change the carburetor in your car and you keep insisting that they don't know what they are talking about, elitist auto-exp[...]
The Official Google Blog - Ten years and counting - The Google doodle tradition started a long time ago (in summer 1999, in fact) when Larry and Sergey put a stick figure on the homepage to signify that they were out of the office at Burning Man. Nothing against stick figures, but our logo designs hav[...]
Boing Boing - Wal*Mart shutting down DRM server, nuking your music collection -- only people who pay for music risk losing it to DRM shenanigans - Hey suckers! Did you buy DRM music from Wal*Mart instead of downloading MP3s for free from the P2P networks? Well, they're repaying your honesty by taking away your music. Unless you go through a bunch of hoops (that you may never find out about, if [...]
Slashdot - Japan To Get 1Gbps Home Fiber Connections - Shared by Marty And I'm paying $400 for 1.5Mbps. *sigh* ashitaka writes "KDDI has announced that they will be launching a 1Gbps Internet service to single-family home and condo users in October. The service is supposedly synchronous, with 1Gbps in[...]
TerraPass blog - Don't preheat your oven - by TerraPass When temperatures drop, home cooks break out the roasting pan. But recipes contain a lot of outdated lore, particularly admonishments to preheat your oven. Although pre-heating may be helpful for certain sensitive tasks like baking,[...]
Boing Boing - Vote Bear - Canadian illustrator Graham Roumieu, who has chronicled the life of Bigfoot, writes If you were looking for a little something disgustingly cute to get you through disgusting political and economic times, well here you go. This was for last weekend'[...]
Boing Boing - Mark Jenkins: homeless polar bears art prank - A Washington DC train station was shut down for a couple hours recently as a bomb squad investigated this "hobo polo bear" standing near a trash can. Turns out, the stuffed animal was part of a collaboration between Greenpeace and prankster artist Ma[...]
Boing Boing - MPAA spokeslawyers insist that they not be identified by name in reports from press-conference - The MPAA is suing RealNetworks for making a product that will rip a DVD, crap it up with DRM, and store it on your hard-drive. The MPAA says that only their stupid DRM, and not RealNetworks' stupid DRM, can be used to cripple DVDs. My take? A pox on [...]
TechCrunch - September Madness - Any college basketball fans who've been watching the bank failures and consolidations recently will understand and appreciate this September Madness chart. This was reportedly created by a general partner at Sansome Partners named Mark Slavonia. I w[...] Updates - Court Protects Privacy of Satellite Receiver Owners - Last month, EFF filed an amicus brief in Echostar v. Freetech, where Echostar sought the identities of every consumer who purchased a Freetech "CoolSat" free-to-air (FTA) satellite receiver during the past five years. EFF argued that this demand, is[...]
Amazon Daily - Ferarri bike is totally a Tron bike - This bike makes me want to turn right, and then right again, and box you in until you explode from my solid colored exhaust. Thanks to wedge on twitter for the link This is syndicated from Tobias Buckell Online.

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