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“Well THAT was a waste of time. Well, that's not entirely true, but..

So, it's now Sunday morning. It's 4:44am Sunday morning and I am driving home from work.

We were supposed to... do something today and... I came in at 8. My team's portion was supposed to happen around 11:30. Currently, everything's about 6 HOURS behind schedule, I think. So, the person on our team who's in charge of, you know, making sure everything works said we should just go the hell home.

Uh.. and she will call me if she needs me. Which is /fine/, I was basically there to, you know, help track down problems if anything actually became a problem, 'cause I'm really good at finding things fast.

Um.. but, uh. Yeah. I'm, I'm.. In the past 24 hours, I've put in two full days of work, and that was starting on Saturday. And why is this /IDIOT/ stopping in the middle of the road?

Sorry. S'what I get when I post by phone in a car. At least I can do it hands, hands-free. Thank god I've got a headset. Otherwise I'd have to wait 'till I got home.

Um. Yeah, uh. I got up at 1030 or so this morning, and immediately got a call, so I had to do some work. Was dealing with that issue, and then another issue that came up afterwords for most of the day, and then .. bummed around for an hour or two, then came into work at 8 o'clock. And now I'm leaving at 4:44. So, yeah. I don't think I'm gonna be in on monday. I /may/ not be in on Tuesday *chuckle*. We'll have to see. 'pends how much sleep I get in the next day or two. We're all getting a little punchy and I'm .. kind of, uh.. irritable, in case you couldn't tell. 'course, I may just cancel this post and try something else, 'cause it's clearly very long at this point.

Anyway, um. Yeah. It's not been a fun night. I've gotten a fair amount accomplished, I, you know, made some improvements to the intranet site, I took care of some email template problems. I've done quite a few things, but I haven't done anything that I actually came in to do, and that's a little frustrating.

Oh well.


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