Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 02 October

From my Twitter stream:
thu 06:03pm"Can I call you joe?"? She seems nervous. #current
thu 06:11pmRewinding to the beginning and switching to NBC to L can watch too
thu 06:12pmGonna hafta stop watching twitter! it's all spoilers now!
thu 07:02pm*froth* *growl* *snarl*
thu 07:03pmI'm watching on 20 minute delay at the moment, and already I'm at full-homicidal.
thu 07:05pmow. I just hurt my throat screaming at her about the "not funding the troops"
thu 07:06pm@nastrus: what superpower would you want? I'll take teleportation. Pop in, pop out with a slightly messier pocketknife.
thu 07:08pmI'm closing the laptop. I'm going to continue re... SURRENDER? FUCK YOU, YOU BRAINDEAD CUNT!.. um.. reading my java book. bye.
thu 07:22pmWhat's past gibbering with rage? it's this weird quite calm, with the occasional outburst. What's the word for this?
thu 07:23pmThe only thing that keeps me from calling for a lynching is the sure knowledge that everything she's saying is parroted from GOP operatives.
thu 07:24pmAnd my throat still huts.
thu 07:25pmer, hurts.
thu 07:25pmI can't seem to find my happy place.
thu 07:37pmWould my soul hurt less if I wasn't watching this evil in pure unrefined HD?
thu 07:41pmGive the woman some SEEDS, for christs' sakes!
thu 07:43pmyeah, I'm behind, but OMG, she agrees with cheney?!?!?!?!?!
thu 07:45pm"Business owner"? is that higher or lower than community organizer?
thu 07:46pm@joeytrimmer: Damnit! I *knew* this upgrade was a bad idea!
thu 08:52pm@joeytrimmer: The mobile QA guys showed me their nerf gattling guns. I think they can take you and your lightsaber.
thu 08:59pmDamn! The N-Strike Vulcan gatt is now $75?! Nevermind.

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