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Twitter posts from 01 October

From my Twitter stream:
wed 10:52am@scottru: wacky.
wed 03:11pmI now have 198 individually-bubblewrapped peggle coins on my desk. I had 200, but I gave two away.
wed 03:34pm@popcap_games:
wed 08:30pm@popcap_games: re:lj.. eh? and yeah. Bullying Bart really pays off. ::)
wed 08:31pm@FallenPegasus: in the game Peggle, if you miss a shot completely, you get a coin flip to decide if you get to try again. We made real ones.
wed 08:37pm@popcap_games: nah, blame my drug-addled mind. I worried maybe you were getting an error trying to view the image. ::)
wed 08:38pm@jani_s: holy crap. color me impressed.
wed 08:40pmErk. Just checked email on the moo and part of my past has stumbled across me. Holy wow.
wed 08:56pmaccidentally subjected a friend to my high-school poetry. Oops. I hope she's got good insurance for therapy.
wed 09:07pm@joeytrimmer: oh god, is it. bitter, angry, angst. And I am SO not sharing a link. ::)
wed 09:46pmJust reaped 24 people from MidgardMOO. Down to 66 players, most of whom still haven't logged in in the past year. or two. Meh!

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