Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Awesome. thinks I'm in Canada, and so won't show me full episodes.

edit: I sent email to webmaster@ asking who goes their ip geolocation, so maybe I can try to correct the data. This shit pisses me off.

edit: and it bounced. 'cause, god forbid we still have a valid webmaster@ account for people to send problems to. God also forbid we put any sort of contact link on the front page for people to send problems to.

edit: via terms and conditions, I find a contact link. which, helpfully, redirects to fucking asshats.

edit: resent the message to admin@, complaints@, and abuse@, with an addendum about the fact that I can't find any other channel to communicate with them. I did NOT note that "I'd be better off torrenting it illegally than trying to deal with your crap!". Partly because the torrent of 15 April I'm trying to pull down has been stalled at 49% all day.
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