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Shared Posts from 19 September to 23 September

Items shared from Google Reader:
West Seattle Blog... - Protests in West Seattle, Ballard target Mars Hill parenting seminar - Left to right, that's JanS, JoB, and Kat near Mars Hill Church-West Seattle tonight, in a vigil/protest that grew out of a vigorous discussion in the WSB Forum and elsewhere this past week. It began with first word that MH was sponsoring a two-day se[...]
Ditherati: See the Digerati Dither, Daily - OPEN MIKE NIGHTMARE - "Your phone is your omnipresent microphone to the world, a way to publish pictures, emails, texts, Twitters, and blog entries." Google wireless guru Andy Rubin, on how the Android operating system will enable bad cell-phone behavior in every conceiv[...]
xkcd - Federal Reserve Skateboard: A Short Story - (Written after sitting in a car for five hours listening to financial news stories.) ----- Damn these subprime lenders, thought Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, barely keeping his balance on the wobbling skateboard. We can't afford more debt. He snapped [...]

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