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Interior Design, Home & House Design, Furniture - Space Saving Furniture : Kenchikukagu - Designed by Japanese company Atelier OPA, the Kenchikukagu is a series of mobile and folding furniture, that are designed for work, sleep and eating. With highly effective designs like a mobile work station, a mobile bed and a mobile kitchen thrown i[...]
West Seattle Blog... - No bank account? No problem! says the city - This just in from the mayor's office. We're all thinking about banks a little more than usual given what's happening in the $ world, so this program for the "unbanked" may affect more people than before - read on: Share This
Slashdot - Judge Munley is So Out of My Top 8 - Frequent Slashdot Contributor Bennett Haselton writes "A federal judge has ruled that a school district didn't violate a student's free speech rights when it suspended her for a parody MySpace page she created calling her principal a sex addict who "[...]
Slashdot - Microsoft Innovates Tent Data Centers - 1sockchuck writes "The outside-the-box thinking in data center design continues. Microsoft has tested running a rack of servers in a tent outside one of its data centers. In seven months of testing, a small group of servers ran for seven months witho[...]
Lifehacker - Apple Recalls iPhone 3G Chargers [IPhone] - Apple issued a recall Sunday for its Ultracompact USB Power Adapter, the wall charger that came with every iPhone 3G, because its prongs can break off and become stuck in sockets. The bad news? Your replacements won't be available until after Oct. 10[...]
FAIL Blog: Pictures and Videos of Owned, Pwnd and Fail Moments - Towing Fail - Submitted by markdash.
CHS Capitol Hill Seattle - Red light means stop - not 'Go Faster' - The stop light cameras at the junction of Pine and Broadway are keeping busy. They have been in place for a while but I've only noticed the flashes going off recently - maybe they've only just been activated.They've been going off a lot. That means a[...]
Bad Astronomy - LHC electrical failure will keep it down for 2+ months - By now you've probably heard that there was a problem with the LHC; it looks like an electrical connection between two magnets shorted out, causing a failure which allowed about a ton of liquid helium to escape. The helium is what cools the magnets t[...]
TechCrunch - Google Will Show You Where to Vote - It looks like Google will be adding to its election maps this voting season by offering a Google mapplet that will offer polling location information before the big day in November. (In case you are not sure where to go to vote). The site is not ye[...]
TechCrunch - Fonolo Joins The Growing Arsenal Against Phone Tree Hell - We're one step closer to taking down Automated Phone Trees once and for all. Fonolo, a startup that won the top prize at today's GigaOM Mobilize Conference, provides users not only with a way to bypass the irritating and inefficient trees, but also [...]
Amazon Daily - Datahand - Shared by Marty I always kinda wanted one, but wasn't willing to spend the money. Pity. Maybe I'll start watching for them on ebay. I'm so annoyed. The one thing I wanted to buy with advance money in 2008 for myself was the datahand keyboard, and [...]
Amazon Daily - Small town values - I wonder how long the idea of 'small town values' will make any sense (along with those CNN interviews of farmers, as if they're core Americana), as this year more Americans lived in an urban environment than a non-urban one for the first time in its[...]
Amazon Kindle Guide, Free Books & Kindle News - The scoop on the iRex Reader 1000 - Yet Another Kindle Killer - The IRex Reader 1000 I'd mentioned a 'kindle killer' in my previous news/links roundup. Here are a pic and the rumoured features - 10.2 inch screen which lets you read whole word documents at a glance. 3G support in addition to WiFi. Also BlueToot[...]
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) - Veency: VNC Server for iPhone - Shared by Marty It works well enough with CotVNC, but not with the Screen Sharing client. Filed under: iPod Family, iPhone, Jailbreak/pwnage We recently got a tip over to this It's Just Poison post about Veency for jailbroken iPhones from Jay "Sa[...]
Hack a Day - GPS alarm clock - We spotted an interesting app in Gizmodo's iPhone roundup for the week. iNap is designed for commuters that don't want to miss their train stop. Just pick any location you can find on Google Maps, set the distance for the alert radius and the alarm t[...]

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