Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Phone Post: Transcription by maribou (with one slight correction)

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“In case anyone is curious as to just how lucky I am, I do in fact have two women who love me far more than they really should. In fact, one might question their general sanity and/or intelligence levels for, y'know, continuing to acquaint themselves with my person. But.

I am drunk. Hi. I've just been to Finn's, I drank more than I intended to, and I didn't take my shot until much later than I intended to. And so Dana drove me back to Nerdvana because I actually owed her some paperwork that I meant to give her - I meant to bring it with me - and then the plan was to bring me back to get my car, but even that I'm too drunk for. So Loree, even without prompting, said "Ok, well take me back," - her, that is - to get my car.

So, Dana is currently driving Loree back to go get my car, and they love me very much, because they're very good people, and they're very nice to me, and they shouldn't be, because I'm not a very good person to them, y'know? But, on the other hand, I am cute, and really, what more can they ask for? Don't answer that question!


Okay, I'm .. I'm ... yeah, I'm drunk, you should ignore everything I say, except of course, I love these two women 'cause they're very very good to me. Thanks girls. I love you. Bye bye, good night.”

Transcribed by: multiple users
Tags: drunk, girls
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