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Shared Posts from 18 September to 19 September

Items shared from Google Reader: Updates - DOJ View on Email Privacy May Hamper Prosecution of Palin Hackers - On Wednesday, some hackers apparently obtained unauthorized access to Gov. Sarah Palin's Yahoo! email account by posing as Gov. Palin and getting a new password (Michelle Malkin and Wired News have details). Yesterday we noted that, based on the fac[...]
MAKE Magazine - No-electricity hot tub - This hot tub of Dutch design uses a coil around a fire to heat and circulate water from the wooden tub. No electrical hookup required! After filling the tub with water, a fire can be started in the attached basket to kick start the heating process. [...]
Lifehacker - Amazon Drops 30-Day Price Drop Refunds [Amazon] - LH reader Neal found out the hard way that mega-e-tailer Amazon no longer honors its Post-Order Price Guarantee, which refunded customers any discounts that happened within 30 days of purchase. That kills off a few neat tools, and makes us wonder if [...]
Lifehacker - Maghound Offers NetFlix-Style Magazine Subscriptions [Magazines] - Love receiving magazines in the mail, but don't feel like committing to yearlong subscriptions? Maghound is the magazine service for you. Users sign up for a tier system: Tier 1 is $4.95 a month for three magazine titles, Tier 2 is $7.95 for five, an[...]
Seattlest - Park(ing) Uncomfortably Close to Traffic - Is it really Talk Like a Pirate Day AND Park(ing) Day today? Don't tell us it's also a Friday, lest we swoon. Park(ing) Day originated in San Francisco a few years back when an artists' collective decided to seize control of a tiny plot of public l[...]

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