Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Twitter posts from 09 September to 10 September

From my Twitter stream:
tue 09:40amAlarm interupted the ending of an awesome dream. snooze did the same. just realized I missed the 930 bus.
tue 11:19amo/~ With my freeze-ray I will stop... the pain. o/~
tue 12:41pm@dagard: wtf? they /dropped/ the size? Mine's a 160!
tue 12:49pmHm. Despite the price difference, I'm glad I bought my new ipod when I did. The extra 40gb is nice to have.
tue 01:31pmQuickpoll: "Webbleyoo" or "Sextupleyoo"?
tue 01:37pm@pinguerin: pronunciation of 'www'. The first makes the context clearer, but the latter is more literal.
tue 06:17pmMust NOT call Airgas to ask how much sulfur hexafluoride costs.
tue 11:59pmLaying on floor next to dog, playing w/ phone. Wondering about putting Linux on a dead iPhone 1st gen.
wed 05:38pmPlaying Spore

Tags: autopost, twitter
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