Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Fry's had 1TB seagates on sale for $160, so I grabbed a couple, to fill up the bays in Arcturus.
I put in the 64bit Vista disk to install on one of them, but it wouldn't boot. Might try the 32bit later, tho that would make me sad.
So, instead, I now have two new drives on my desktop, Nekkar and Seginus (Beta and Gamma Boötis, respectively, to Arcturus which is Alpha). Two terabytes of storage that I .. don't really need at the moment.
But, Arcturus seems to be happier booting and rebooting when it does NOT have USB drives attached, so I'm going to move everything off the 1.5tb of previously attached storage onto Seginus, and I'm using Nekkar as a backup drive. I did try setting up time machine to sync to one of them, but it failed partway thru the first backup, so fuck it. I'll use rsync.
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