Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

GoDaddy are dicks. They've been sending me expiration notifications for, which, ok, whatever. Today they send one saying "Next Attempt Date: CANCELLED". I look at my account and it expires in ONE MONTH, and the status is listed as 'Pending Expiration'. WTF? No, It's "Active". It /expires/ when it expires. WTF kind of bullshit scare-tactic selling is this supposed to be?

edit: if anybody knows a less sucky registrar that can do .at domains, let me know.

edit again: ok, I see. Apparently, the last time I looked at the site, and it said "Active" and expires in october, they were lying to me. They won't let me make changes now because it's not in the "active" state. Meaning I can't renew it now. Despite the orange "renew now" link on the domain list. Meaning.. what? How do I renew the fucking domain, assholes?

edit again again: Called them. Apparently a) you have to renew .at domains >20 days from expiration. Which isn't mentioned in the notice emails. But that's irrelevant because we're still 35 days from expiration. So, b) something got messed up somewhere, and the nice lady was able to get it fixed. My domain is renewed for another year, and all should be well by this afternoon.
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