Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Booted Arcturus into windows just so I could play with Chrome. It's amazingly fast. I'm actually having some trouble adapting to it because it's so fast. My scrolling and other reflexes are all off, because they're set for a slower experience.
That said, it's entirely made of awesome so far. I can't play Popcap webgames, because the plugin doesn't get installed for Chrome (I'm sure that'll get taken care of soon enough), but everything else I've tried has gone great.
I'm torn about the 'new tab' page. I have a homepage that I use on all my browsers. It works great for me, has everything I want. You can tell chrome to use a page as the homepage, but I think that as I use it more I'd rather have the smart page instead, WHILE still having quick access to me old home page. Sadly, setting it to use the smart page makes the home button go there instead of to a set homepage, and I don't want to have to use the bookmark bar to get to my homepage. I dunno, we'll see how I end up using it. It won't really matter much until there's a mac version, since I don't spend much time in Windows these days.
Nice to see they included the resizable textarea. I never did get the plugin working under firefox. Not a lot of sites where I need it, but there /are/ a few.
It's /really/ nice to be able to go thru search results or whatnot and ctrl-click link after link after link without having to wait after five or so for it to catch up while it renders them. The responsiveness is lovely.

Yeah, definitely impatient for the mac version.
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