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Boing Boing - Publishers should all have a /covers directory - Here's a lazyweb idea for publishers: I often blog books here and when I do, I like to put up a picture of the cover. Normally I get these off of Amazon or Amazon UK, but it's often the case that Amazon's covers are grainy, missing, too small, or oth[...]
indexed - Or just pray it doesn't happen to you. -
Coolbuzz - Cats with wings! What next? - Caputmortum: Cats with wings are unquestionably a strange phenomenon but believe it or not, this is true. A slight increase of heat in China's Sichuan province made the local cats grow wing like structures. The weird part is one would never think [...]
Google Blogoscoped - Google Chrome, Google's Browser Project - Today there was a comic book in my mail, sent by Google and drawn by no less than Scott McCloud, creator of the classic Understanding Comics. Within the 38 pages, which I've scanned and put up, in very readable format Google gives the technical detai[...]
O'Reilly Radar - Insight, analysis, and research about emerging technologies - Greasepocket: Bridging the Browser to the Client - The iPhone knows my location, but it doesn't let me share it with websites via the built-in browser. For an application developer to auto-magically provide me location-aware benefits they need to write a client app. Greasepocket is a version of Greas[...]

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