Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

loree and I spent 4 hours or so mucking out the hot tub gazebo. We'd drained it after the last power outage, then never got around to refilling it. So, some spiders had gotten in there, and we had to clean it again. Since we were doing that, we took everything out, pressure-washed all the decking, the walls, the inside of the hot tub, everything. Cleaned off all the stuff that was being put back, measured the areas that lack decking and the spare decking we have to figure out what to put where, etc. I took a cable stapler and finally attached the ropelights to the gazebo, instead of leaving them on the ground.

The tub is filling now.
The rope lights don't seem to work anymore. Probably should have tested them before stapling them up. Will have to swap them out later.
We need to put some kind of mesh screen around the bottom of the gazebo, to prevent all the lawn clippings and such from being blown in. That seems to be where most of the mess comes from. That and spiders. BIG fucker in one of the storage cabinets.
I need to but a big hole in the bottom of the other cabinet so it can be put over the electrical outlet, and I can keep the electrical stuff safe inside.
I'm going to cut up the smaller piece of spare decking to make new steps (the plastic ones are kinda crap) but need some lumber for that. The larger piece is going to be cut into four pieces to fill in areas that are currently bare concrete.

Thinking about these things leads to the following temptation: To make a list of things that need to be done around nerdvana that relate to parties. Gazebo and hot tub stuff, harem pit stuff, things like that. Post the list, so that people can sign up for specific tasks. When all tasks have been claimed, the next party will be scheduled.
Not really workable, 'cause only a handful of people would sign up for anything, and they'd be the people who usually help out anyway. But a tempting thought anyway.

I also need to build a bar. Or, more accurately, a booze shelving unit, which will probably have a decent amount of working space for people who're mixing stuff. Since I'm going to be doing some wood working with those steps, I might go insane and try to do this too. On the other hand, I have other projects that really need attention, as noted yesterday.

So tired. I have an everything-and-a-half that hurts.
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